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[模具结构] 个人弄的一些双色模具资料
yangbin 发表于:2009-3-6 12:42:29
1. Before designed, I would understand the information of injection molding machine. The following information is mainly: Max mold height, Min mold height, Toggle Stroke, Ejector Stroke, Ejector Number, Ejector Location, Space between Tie Bars, Turntable Diameter, Platen slot size and location of installation, Electrical joints, Cooling joints, Hydraulic joints.
2. Fully understand the product design requirements. Special attention to the tolerance requirements of Products. Usually, I think that 2K products can’t achieve high precision level.
3. I will carefully select shrinkage. In accordance with the experience, the shrinkage of the first cavity is larger than usually, but the shrinkage of the second cavity is smaller than usually. In addition, I will select different mold materials for different cavity. Especially for the corrosive Materials.
4. In the design, any time to check, Must ensure that restrictions of the injection molding machine. Preliminary design is complete, in accordance with the actual job status, Rotate 180°moving half to confirm compliance with design intent.
5. Consider the installation of mold, Designed two lock ring at moving half. The lock ring’s tolerances than the fixing half lock ring’s tolerances are lower.
6. My first priority is hot runner. Sub-gate design required special consideration to ensure that the gate was cut off.
7. When design the second injection cavity, I usually design some space in order to protect the first cavity. At the same time, I will carefully consider the strength of the cavity. In some locations at the second cavity, I will design higher than the theoretical value. When second injection, this design can ensure no burr.
8. When manufacture, I ask to ensure that the location of positioning components comply with design requirements. The requirement is higher than ordinary molds. I ask to confirm the size.
9. At T1, I will go to the scene in order to know the situation of mold.
10. Normally, I suggest that careful use of 2K mold. At the same time, I hope that they will provide the relevant information used in 2K molds.
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模协会长 发表于:2009-5-21 8:39:48
漂流深圳 发表于:2009-5-16 13:52:48
that is good!thanks!
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